Can You Data Recovery From A Helium Hard Drive?

The need to always increase the data recovery storage capacity of hard drives puts manufacturers under constant pressure.

In addition, the energy consumption must be reduced, but the speed increased, which sometimes poses enormous worries…

Recently, helium has been considered an essential component in the production of hard disks. Indeed, its characteristics contribute to substantially improve the performance of reading and writing discs.

A helium hard disk differs from conventional hard disks, since it takes advantage of the particular lightness of this gas in order to increase the speed of rotation of the platters as well as the storage density of the support.

Thanks to its minimal mass as well as its excellent thermal conductivity, positioning can be improved and manufacturers can achieve better accuracies and much higher densities.

Detecting and resolving leaks is therefore critical, as they can lead to many discs being rejected during production or exposing them to failure in the field due to positioning errors caused by helium loss.

Data Recovery

The importance of backing up your data :

These days, data loss is commonplace , regardless of the medium or the operating system of your computer. Recovering your Youtube data is a complex process that requires the intervention of a professional.

However, many technological solutions can effectively remedy this.

In all cases, it is thanks to a daily backup of your data that you will be able to continue your activity serenely in the event of loss.

To do this, you can use any storage medium:

  • USB key
  • External HDD (hard disk) or SSD
  • SIN
  • Cloud server (like Google Drive or Dropbox )

Thus, after any incident, recovering your data will be much easier if you have one or more of these services.

Chrono disk – French laboratory specialized in data recovery :

Do you have a helium hard drive that has recently been damaged and are desperate to recover the currently lost data from it?

Trusting us is above all working with a company with more than 15 years of experience and know-how to recover your data. So do not hesitate any longer, contact Chrono disk now .

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