Data Recovery Services From Fire Damaged Hard Drive

The process should take place in a specialized laboratory where the recovered information is transferred to a donor PCB so that it becomes possible to clone most sectors of hard drives to Data Recovery Services.

When the fire breaks out, most homes and offices are equipped with fire sprinklers that help put out the flames. The sprinkler system can be a lifesaver and can even help bring down the temperature to cool down the computer. 

However, if water gets inside the computer, it can cause further water damage to a burnt hard drive. But even then, a skilled Data Recovery Services engineer can recover your data before water corrosion causes irreversible damage.

When water contaminates the internal chamber of the hard drive, it can affect the platter’s lubricating layers and cause oxidation. Additionally, when firefighters use a hose to spray cold water to extinguish the flames, it also causes extreme temperature changes and can lead to warping of the chassis and drive plates. 

So, if there is water inside the hard drive that has reached the platters, then the engineers should remove the platters and clean them with a proprietary solvent. The cleaned and dried platters are then transferred to a new hard drive and the printed circuit board (PCB) is replaced in a Class 100 ISO 5 clean room.

Data recovery from fire damaged hard drives is complex but not impossible. Even if the Facebook hard drive information sticker is charred, an experienced professional can get the required information such as drive model, serial number and other parameters through drive firmware access. 

The dust particles and foreign particles are then cleaned from the PCB to take measurements, and then they are replaced with a new one. The whole process is complicated and only an expert can handle fire damaged media. To increase the chances of recovering your lost data, be sure to contact a data recovery service as soon as possible.

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