This Is How The Data Recovery Process Works

We cannot estimate the recovery time of a hard drive until we have examined and diagnosed it. Once we make the diagnosis we can estimate the recovery and delivery times. The important thing is to recover your data recovery.

Even so, we give you some indicative deadlines. 

  • Economy Service: up to 4 weeks 
  • Standard service: 2 and a half weeks.
  • Priority service: One week.
  • Intensive: 5 days. 
  • Urgent: 24/48 hours.

These are estimated times and may vary depending on the device.

hard drive recovery prices :

The prices of Youtube data recovery from a hard drive depend mainly on the damage of the hard drive, in addition to other factors. Therefore, we will not be able to give an exact price until we make the diagnosis.

Hard drive data recovery deals :

We have a service with an extraordinary rate: the economy service . Our Economy service allows you to save 25% on the price of recovery. In this service it is essential that we are the first to touch your hard drive. That is, that no other company or person has previously manipulated the hard drive. It’s important to know that when a hard drive fails, mishandling it can only make things worse and cause you to lose even more data. Therefore, it is better to put yourself directly in the hands of professionals and not try to fix it yourself.

Data Recovery

If we are the first to touch your hard drive, we reduce the price by 25%.

The conditions for accessing the Economy service offer are as follows:

  • Untouched discs.
  • Capacity less than 1Tb.
  • Recovery period up to 4 weeks.

• Only applicable to rotational magnetic hard drives, not SSDs or multi-disk systems, such as RAID.

• The time indicated is approximate and depends on the type of failure and the availability of spare parts.

• Economy service must be requested. It will only be budgeted when there is certainty that there is no manipulation. Check with us when you call or write to us.

At Serman we have been recovering data for more than 30 years. Thousands of success stories endorse us.

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