Orientation Workshop

The centre has also conducted lectures by eminent personalities for propagating Human Values. It is a place where universal principles of all faiths are being taught and practiced. The centre has a full-fledged team of research scholars and visiting scholars who work on projects like publication of booklets on the five values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence. The centre has also in the past published booklets on stories and values taught by different religions.

The centre has also developed course material for training of master trainers in education on Human Values, course material for orientation programmes on Human Values, Unity of Faiths, Ideal Parenting, Ideal Teacher, Ideal Manager and Ideal Leaders. The centre has also contributed to the development of Human Value Assessment Tool, research in the areas of Science and Spirituality.

The centre has also in the past hosted a number of inter college debates to create awareness amongst youth on the relevance of Human Values in today’s society. The topics were ‘No Civilization can prosper without Human Values’, ‘Is Implementation of Human Values practicable in daily life?’, ‘Are Human Values relevant to generation X?’ amongst many witnessed resounding success.

The centre also conducts Orientation programmes for Delhi University Colleges, with ‘The Art of Dynamic Equilibrium’ as its theme. Orientation programmes were also conducted for Principals of different school systems with the intent of training them as the Master Trainers who will become the catalysts for value-based leadership training to the vast community of teachers and the students.

The Orientation Programme has the following objectives: –

  1. Affect a transformational process among the participants, which may eventually lead to self- actualization.
  2. Initiate a change in the mind-set of the participants to become men and women of character, who are capable of transmitting values both by precept and by example.
  3. Introduce the world of values and highlight the importance of character building. Emphasize the universal acceptance of the five basic human values of Truth, Righteous Conduct, Love, Peace, and Non- violence across religions and their compatibility with the concepts of modern science.
  4. Explore the manner in which education in Human Values has so far been introduced in the school curricula and functioning.
  5. Examine the philosophy, methodology, pedagogy, and relevance of value-oriented education.
  6. Understand and learn the philosophy of “Unity of Existence” through Human values.

The centre has a rich and ever growing library with 11,000 volumes and 75 journals. It also has a bookshop, which stocks books of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation for the facility of devotees and book lovers.

The centre publishes a quarterly newsletter title ‘Love in Action’, which highlights various facets of human values and their relevance to modern society. The centre also produces other print material on themes and issues related to its mission aimed to propagate the teachings of Baba to the whole world. At a later stage, it is envisioned that we run a virtual university for propagation of Baba’s message.